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It’s my first blog!!


Okay – don’t get too excited. Half of this may not make any sense. I often find when I go to write or record anything that will be seen, read or heard by another person, my mind just….stops working.


I’m far from a professional writer and often misuse words, grammar and love a good run-on sentence. But hey – I am far from perfect and I’m not pretending to be. So, instead of putting unnecessary pressure on myself – I'm just going to treat this like a journal and just speak with you as a friend. Because that’s what you are to me , my friend 🥰


It’s a place for me to record the events in my life that I want to remember on a deeper level than just looking at a photo. It’s a collection of stories I can share with my daughter someday. Because I for one, have a terrible memory. Like you, I’m constantly navigating myself through a very busy life and often things kind of just blur into one another. It’s not until I look back at photos that I remember ‘oh!! Yeah, that was fun’ but all of the other details I’d like to retain are long gone.


To tell you a little bit about myself right now in life – I have a 4.5 year old little love bug named Chloe, a boyfriend I’m absolutely crazy about – his name is Aric. A goldendoodle, Daisy, that loves the outdoors and barks way too loud. I live in Connecticut in an old barn that feels like a treehouse inside. I have a detached garage that I’m personally renovating into my new home studio so I don’t have to travel as much. Speaking of work – I wear quite a few hats. Some could call me a hustler, a serial entrepreneur, a dreamer … or just crazy. Whatever it is – I’m creating the life I want to live.


I’m a cake artist, food stylist, culinary producer and as of lately, apparently and happily, a general contractor. I love getting my hands into a variety of projects, I love being challenged and I’m always learning something new. I love to travel and I’m obsessed with the outdoors. I have a travel trailer that I take out multiple times a year. Sometimes with Chloe and sometimes just Daisy and I. I was raised with the mindset that anything is possible – sure, it was passed on out of necessity but it has left a lasting impact on my character.


I grew up without my dad. My mom raised me and my two sisters and that was all I knew. Concepts of those natural teachings have absolutely spilled over into my day to day life – I learned through design that we are so incredibly strong and resilient. There’s a lot that you miss when you’re raised with a parent missing..and that’s just summing it up eloquently and not getting into the details…yet. I’m sure with time, I will fill you in on more and more. I just want to get my thoughts down on paper regardless of knowing who – if anyone – will read this.


I’ll check in here and there to update you on the fun happenings of my life and have you in the passenger seat of this career I’m creating for myself. I don’t know exactly where I’m headed – but I know I’m making steps in the right direction and I look forward to uncovering all of that with you – as it becomes clearer to me.


Thank you for your love and support,


xo Ashley




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Ashley, never again say that you can’t write. You have a natural flow to your thoughts and words. If you want a fun outlet go to Storyworth and see the fun you can have writing your first book. Always be sincere and honest with your heart and soul and you will write what others want to read. I ha e been watching Bake Squad lately and each of you are amazingly artistic bakers.
Keep smiling

Michael Garrigan

Hi Ashley, I appreciate and admire you a lot! I have watched you severally on Bake Squad. I would like to learn from a skilled person like you. I would like to give a shout-out to all the people in your life!

Olu Akande

HIIIII I’m a huge fan I love the cakes you do they are so impressive! I’m 12 and love to bake I love watching you on bake squad I’ve seen it a bazillion times I love it so much ❤️ I love the feeling when I bake like I’m in the zone it was great talking to you (your daughter is adorable) bye!!!!!!!!🎂🎂🎂

Eliza Murphy

Hi Ashley! You are at a great period in your life. Your daughter is at an age that is super fun!

My son, River, is 4 years old and he adores you! He loves watching you on Bake Squad and when you win, he dances around celebrating 🥳 and saying “woohoo Ashley!”. If you don’t get chosen, he almost cries.

He thinks that you will make him a cake for his bday on May 10, to which we explained that you are very busy and with how insane your artistic abilities are, that would not be in the budget.

He then asked if you would come to his bday party. I told him that you do not live in Nebraska but we can make sure you have an awesome cake!

Thank you so much for bringing such joy to his big heart! ❤️ River is forever in your corner! Keep creating and being awesome! The Peekenschneider family is rooting for you.

Brent Peekenschneider

Ashley I absolutely admire you!
I think you are such a great and amazing role model. Would you happen to give classes?? I would love to learn from an amazing and skilled person as yourself.

Jeannette Berrios

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